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Coaching Core Principles


Everyone Deserves a Coach

Business executives have them, civic leaders have them, and professional athletes have several.

Educators deserve coaches too!

We believe that all educators deserve high quality coaches to continue to grow their practice.


Experience matters

We have been in hundreds of classrooms, from the first-year teacher to the veteran educator, in rural, urban, and suburban schools, at all grade levels. We can quickly identify skills and areas for growth and design a plan to help you meet your goals.  


Strengths-Based Approach

Our coaching comes from a strengths-based mindset and puts people first. We know that every teacher has a gift to offer their students and that sometimes you need another set of eyes to help you see it for yourself. 


Individual & Small Group Educator Coaching 

Whether you’re new to teaching or have been doing this for years, a coach can help you gain insights about your classroom, stay on top of new developments in curriculum and instructional best practices, help give shape to your ideas, and help you reach your goals. Our confidential coaching services are tailored to your needs - YOU are in the driver’s seat for your professional learning!


Coaching for the Coach

Are you new(er) to coaching and need some help getting started? Want to figure out your coaching cycle, your tracking system, or your coaching focus? Want a sounding board to help you develop a strengths-based approach to coaching?

I have been a coach and have mentored coaches. Contact me to see how I can help! 

School & District Leader Coaching

Are you struggling to support your STEM educators? Providing instructional leadership to science, technology, engineering, and math teachers can be difficult in this every-changing field, especially when your background is in a different field. We can help you understand trends in STEM education and how to provide the leadership for your teachers to grow.

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